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Newest questions
Recent question:
inside room capacity
Recent question:
Are the two side mirrors reversible?
Recent question:
How does this attach to the wall? How many screws?
Newest answers
The dimension of 23cm depth - is this including the light overhang?
What is the weight of the cabinet?
Are the two side mirrors reversible?

Bathroom cabinets Q&A

298 questions : 330 answers
Recent question:
How heavy is the cabinet ?
17 questions : 25 answers
Recent question:
How heavy is the cabinet ?
16 questions : 20 answers
Recent question:
Are there mirrors inside as well?
16 questions : 16 answers
Recent question:
Do the doors have soft-close hinges?
10 questions : 14 answers
Recent question:
how heavy is the cabinet/
12 questions : 13 answers
Recent question:
Are the doors glass or mirrored. If mirrored are they clear glass or opaque
10 questions : 12 answers
Recent question:
can the unit be put upside down so the shelves are on the left and the door opens to the left?
11 questions : 12 answers
Recent question:
Is this cabinet too heavy to mount on a cavity wall
12 questions : 12 answers
Recent question:
Incorrect unit height
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