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What are the measurements of the packaging?
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What is the width of the mirror?
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What are the dimensions of this

Bathroom cabinets Q&A

274 questions : 302 answers
Recent question:
How heavy is the cabinet ?
16 questions : 24 answers
Recent question:
How heavy is the cabinet ?
15 questions : 19 answers
Recent question:
Are there mirrors inside as well?
15 questions : 15 answers
Recent question:
Can the cabinet be mounted onto existing heavy duty hooks on bathroom wall?
10 questions : 14 answers
Recent question:
how heavy is the cabinet/
11 questions : 12 answers
Recent question:
Is this cabinet too heavy to mount on a cavity wall
11 questions : 12 answers
Recent question:
Are the doors glass or mirrored. If mirrored are they clear glass or opaque
12 questions : 12 answers
Recent question:
Incorrect unit height
11 questions : 11 answers
Recent question:
whats the distance between the center of the 2 holes for fixing to the wall
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