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Newest questions
Recent question:
what is the dimensions of the 3 doors
Recent question:
How much does it weigh?
Recent question:
is there internal shelves behind the door?
Recent question:
can this be positioned in a corner?
Newest answers
is there internal shelves behind the door?
please confirm the size of cabinet as the details do seen to be correct
what is the actual size of the depth of the sink from front to back

Bathroom cabinets Q&A

219 questions : 245 answers
Recent question:
How heavy is the cabinet ?
16 questions : 20 answers
Recent question:
Are there mirrors inside as well?
11 questions : 15 answers
Recent question:
how heavy is the cabinet/
12 questions : 14 answers
Recent question:
does this unit have to be wall mounted?
12 questions : 13 answers
Recent question:
What is the useable height of each shelf please?
10 questions : 12 answers
Recent question:
can the unit be put upside down so the shelves are on the left and the door opens to the left?
11 questions : 11 answers
Recent question:
does the 42cm depth include the light overhang.
10 questions : 10 answers
Recent question:
can you store towels in cupboard if so how many
7 questions : 9 answers
Recent question:
what are the dimentions in inches ?
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